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Shin-young Kwan 2018 Shin-young Kwon came to the United States in 1996 as a freshman to study with Sylvia Rosenberg at the Manhattan School of Music. She received her Bachelor and Masters degrees there, and in 2001 began the Doctor of Musical Arts degree program at Indiana University as a student of Miriam Fried. Her dissertation was a comparison of early Boccherini and Haydn string quartets. Her interest in chamber music is also in evidence by her performances at the Sarasota Music Festival, the Tanglewood Music Center and the Taos School of Music. She also is the recipient of The Kutner String Quartet Award. Although the Oregon Symphony is Shin-young’s first professional orchestra position, she has extensive experience in orchestra, including the New York String Seminar Orchestra, the Aspen Music Festival Orchestra and the Music Academy of the West Orchestra. She has performed solo recitals in Indiana and New York, and has appeared as soloist with orchestras in South Korea.