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ERIK PETERSON, violin, is a member of the Colorado Symphony and Denver’s Ivy Street Ensemble, and founder and artistic director of this festival. Erik led the orchestra June 15, performs Franck June 22, Beethoven and Mendelssohn June 24. He soloed in Vivaldi Spring June 26.

ALICE BLANKENSHIP, concertmaster of the Oregon Mozart Players, played Chausson June 22 and joins the orchestra June 26.

KENJI BUNCH, viola, of Brooklyn, NY, is an Oregon native and a multi-award-winning composer. He performed Haydn and Mendelssohn June 24, and joined the orchestras June 15 and 26.

ANDREW DUCKLES, viola, a versatile and much-recorded performer as well as chamber music coach and teacher, performed in the Children’s Concerts June 20, Beethoven and Mendelssohn June 24 and joined the orchestra June 26.

JASON DUCKLES is cellist of the renowned Amelia Piano Trio and has appeared in several Chintimini seasons. He now lives in Corvallis and conducts the Eugene Youth Symphony. Jason played June 15 and performed Ginastera and the new David Crumb trio June 19.

SARAH KNUTSON plays first violin in the San Francisco Symphony. Sarah, a founding Chintimini musician who grew up in Corvallis, performed Haydn and Mendelssohn June 24 and soloed on Vivaldi Autumn June 26.

ADAM MATTHES, viola, Corvallis offspring and already a veteran of four Chintimini festivals, joined the orchestra at the Whiteside June 26.

KATHERINE McLIN, violin, a Salem 15-year-old when she made her concerto debut with the Oregon Symphony, is on the faculty at Arizona State University. Katherine performed the Bach arias June 15, the Chausson concerto June 22 and soloed in Vivaldi Summer June 26.

ANNE RIDLINGTON, cello, of the Eugene Symphony and the Corvallis-OSU Symphony, plays Chausson June 22, Haydn and Mendelssohn June 24, and in the orchestra June 26.

NOAH SEITZ, cello, of the Oregon Mozart Players, also grew up in Corvallis. Noah joined the orchestra for Piazzolla June 26.

KRISTA WIGLE, soprano, CHS graduate and active San Francisco area opera singer, offered Bach arias on June 15 and a Copland song cycle June 19.

VICTORIA WOLFF-ZEVALLOS, cello, now of Austin TX, last took part in the Festival in 2007. She performed Chausson June 22 and in the orchestra June 26.


ANNÉ AINOMÄE, viola, stepped in when an injury prevented MICHAEL TUBB, a founding musician of the Chintimini Festival, from joining the Piazzolla orchestra June 26. Anné is the new bride of cellist Silver Ainomäe.

SILVER AINOMAE, Principal cello of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, played Beethoven and Mendelssohn June 24 and joined in Vivaldi and Piazzolla June 26.

LISA BIEBER, a Eugene Symphony first violin, joined the orchestras June 15 and 26.

MONICA OHUCHI, piano, performed Piazzolla and Crumb June 19 and the Cesar Franck sonata for piano and violin June 22.

ANDREW CAMPBELL, who teaches collaborative piano at Arizona State University, anchored the orchestras on harpsichord June 15 and 26 and performed as pianist in Chausson on June 22.

MYLES CRISS, organ, performs Bach arias for soprano and obbligato violin June 15, with Krista Wigle and Katherine McLin.

DAVID CRUMB of the Theory and Composition faculty at the University of Oregon, accepted a commission from the Festival for a trio for flute, cello, and piano. “Mood Sequence” premiered June 19.

JOHN DONOHUE, percussionist, of Albany, took part in David Mullikin’s The Steadfast Tin Soldier in the Children’s Concerts June 20.

ERIN FURBEE, violin, is Assistant Concertmaster of the Oregon Symphony and a serious student of Argentine tango music. Her current Tango Pacífico, specializing in Astor Piazzolla, is the featured entertainment June 23 at Tango@Tyee. Erin’s colleagues in Tango Pacífico June 23 were Adrian Jost, bandoneón, of Pacifica, California, and Portlanders Mika Sunago, piano, John Mery, electric guitar, and Jeff Johnson, bass.
Erin joined the orchestras June 15 and 26 and soloed in all four Seasons of Buenos Aires June 26.

DREW GIAMBRONE, bass, of Ashland, played in Stravinsky L’histoire d’un soldat in 2011. Drew performed in Piazzolla June 26.

ROBERT HIRSH, actor and director, narrated the Children’s Concerts June 20 at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library.

YVONNE HSUEH, violin, concertmaster of the Newport Symphony Orchestra, soloed in Bach June 15, performed Haydn and Mendelssohn June 24, and joined the orchestra June 26.

JEFF JOHNSON, bass, played with Tango Pacífico June 23 and in the orchestras June 15 and 26.

ANTHEA KRESTON of Corvallis, violinist of the Amelia Piano Trio, led Bach concerto for three violins June 15.

JESSICA LAMBERT, violin, concertmaster of the Corvallis-OSU Symphony, performed Chausson June 22 and soloed in Vivaldi June 26.

RACHELLE McCABE, piano, of Oregon State University, performed Ginastera, Lili Boulanger, and Aaron Copland June 19.

CATHY PETERSON, Colorado Symphony Orchestra assistant principal flutist and member of the Ivy Street Ensemble, has taken part in the Festival since its inception in 2001. Cathy performed Bach June 15, and Piazzolla, Crumb, and Lili Boulanger June 19.

HOLLAND PHILLIPS, principal viola of the Eugene Symphony, solos in Bach June 15, performed Beethoven and Mendelssohn June 24, and joined the orchestra June 26.

JOHN SANT’AMBROGIO, cellist and raconteur, performed a concerto and joined the Bach orchestra June 15. He then entertained Festival Patrons June 17 with his musically-illustrated talk “How I Almost Destroyed the Boston Symphony Orchestra.”

GEORGE THOMSON, viola and new conductor of the prize-winning Corvallis Camerata, played Bach June 15 and Chausson June 22.

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