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ERIK PETERSON, violin, is a member of the Colorado Symphony and Denver’s Ivy Street Ensemble, and founder and artistic director of this festival. Erik soloed in the Gala Soirée Friday June 11 and in the Kenji Bunch premiere June 22, performed Françaix and Brahms June 27, and played in all four Children’s Concerts June 23 and 26.

KENJI BUNCH, viola, of Brooklyn, NY, is an Oregon native and an award-winning composer. The Festival has commissioned his concerto for violin and viola, with chamber orchestra and harpsichord, which premiered Tuesday, June 22. Kenji performed Bittová and Schumann June 25.

JASON DUCKLES is cellist of the Amelia Piano Trio, which has appeared on the Chamber Music Corvallis series several times, most recently April 14. He first played at Chintimini in 2003. Jason performed June 18 (Gershwin and Dvorák) and June 22.

ANN GRABE is principal cello of Oregon Mozart Players and of the Corvallis-OSU Symphony and a member of the Eugene Symphony. She performed Beethoven and Schumann on June 25.

GARTH GREENUP, principal trumpet of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, last performed at Chintimini in 2007. On June 22 he soloed in Brandenburg 2 and Samuel Barber’s Capricorn Concerto.

SARAH KNUTSON plays first violin in the San Francisco Symphony. Sarah, a founding Chintimini musician who came from Corvallis, soloed in the Brandenburg concerto on the 22nd. She also played Gershwin and Dvorák on June 18, and Françaix and Brahms June 27.

ADAM MATTHES, viola, Corvallis offspring and already a veteran of three Chintimini festivals, played Gershwin and Dvorák June 18 and Beethoven and Loeffler June 25. He soloed in Kenji Bunch‘s new concerto June 22.

KATIE McLIN, violin, a Salem 15-year-old when she made her concerto debut with the Oregon Symphony, concertizes across the country and is on the faculty at Arizona State University. Katie performed June 22 and played Schumann and Satie on the 25th and Brahms June 27.

JENNIFER PETERSON, harpsichordist, is also a vocal coach and opera conductor. Originally from Eugene, she lives in New York. Jennifer played harpsichord in Bach and Bunch on June 22 and piano on June 25.

ANNE RIDLINGTON, cello, of the Eugene Symphony, the Oregon Mozart Players, and the Corvallis-OSU Symphony, performed Françaix and Brahms in the final concert June 27.

NOAH SEITZ, cello, of the Oregon Mozart Players, originally from Corvallis, has arranged music for the Portland Cello Project. Noah performed June 22 and in the Children’s Concerts June 23 and 26.

MICHAEL TUBB, viola, of San Francisco, veteran veteran of many West Coast festivals and a founding Chintimini musician, performed June 22 and in the four Children’s Concerts June 23 and 26.

LARA WICKES, principal oboe of the Santa Barbara Symphony, played at Chintimini in 2001, the first year, and in 2005. She has performed in Carnegie Hall on both oboe and theremin — and recently with Prince on the Tonight Show. She soloed in Bach and Barber on June 22 and played Loeffler and Bittová June 25.


LISA BIEBER, concertmaster of the Corvallis-OSU Symphony and a Eugene Symphony first violin, joined the Festival for the Chamber Orchestra concert June 22.

ROBERT BRUDVIG, of the Oregon State University music faculty, a national and international solo percussionist, performed in the opening concert June 18, in Claude Bolling’s Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio.

ERIN FURBEE, assistant concertmaster of the Oregon Symphony and founder of Tango Pacífico, has been featured in three previous Chintimini festivals. Erin joined the chamber orchestra on June 22.

YVONNE HSUEH, concertmaster of the Newport Symphony Orchestra and a Eugene Symphony first violin, took part in the chamber orchestra June 22.

ANTHEA KRESTON, violinist of the Amelia Piano Trio, which performed in Corvallis April 14, also took part in the Chintimini Festival in 2003. Anthea played Dvorák and Gershwin June 18 and was part of the chamber orchestra on June 22.

JESSICA LAMBERT of Oregon State University, violinist, performed June 22 and in the four Children’s Concerts June 23 and 26.

RACHELLE McCABE, director of the piano program at Oregon State University and an international soloist and chamber musician, has graced nearly every Chintimini festival. She played Satie and the Schumann piano quartet on June 25.

MONICA OHUCHI, pianist, a Juilliard graduate who has played in two previous Festivals, performs Bolling June 18., She soloed in the Bloch Concerto Grosso June 22 and closed the final concert the 27th with the Brahms piano quintet.

ROBIN OLSCHNER, bass, free-lances in the Denver area. She played the Bolling suite June 18, the chamber orchestra concert June 22, and the Children’s Concerts June 23 and 26.

CATHY PETERSON, Colorado Symphony assistant principal flutistand member of the Ivy Street Ensemble, has taken part in the Festival since its inception in 2001. Her Chintimini performances are often aired on Played in Oregon. Cathy performed the Bolling suite June 18 and solos in Bach and Barber June 22.

PHILLIP STEVENS, violist, is a member of the Colorado Symphony, and, with Erik and Cathy Peterson, of Denver’s Ivy Street Ensemble. He has been a major presence in nearly every Chintimini Festival. He performs June 22, in the Children’s Concerts June 23 and 26, and in all three works on the final concert June 27.

ALEXANDER TUTUNOV, pianist educated in the former Soviet Union, now of Ashland, OR, first performed in the Festival in 2004. Last year he took part in all four concerts. He will perform Ravel, deFalla/Kreisler, and Bartók with Erik Peterson for the Gala Soirée June 11.

DAVID SIMMONS, singer, actor, radio personality, all-round theatre pro and now medical student, narrated 2008 and 2009 Children’s Concerts. He’ll be doing it again on June 23 in Corvallis and on June 26 in Alsea and Monroe.

DAVID MULLIKIN, who wrote scripts and music for those charming stories, The Emperor and the Nightingale and Tunji and the Giant, will be here for the premiere of his Paul Bunyan, commissioned by the Festival for this tenth year.


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