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2021 KWAX FM presents: Chintimini feature on July 16.

2017 Gazette-Times: Chintimini concert to benefit family of boy who lost leg, June 24

2017 Gazette-Times: Editorial: Roses and Raspberries, June 22

2017 Gazette-Times: , Chintimini performs concert at Lincoln, June 20

2017 Gazette-Times: Chintimini Chamber Music Festival kicks off Friday, June 15

2016 Corvallis Gazette-Times: Turner Premiere June 22, 2016

turner couple 250x200An interview with composer Kerry Turner about his Chintimini-commisioned composition Catalonian Serenade for two horns and string quintet

2016 Corvallis Gazette-Tmes: Roses for Chintimini June 17, 2016

This Gazette-Times editorial awards roses to the Chintimini Festival

Erik & Joan 125x1002016 Corvallis Gazette-Times: Chintimini’s 16th season, Erik  interview, June 16, 2016

2016 Corvallis Gazatte-Times: Ivy Street Ensemble appears in Corvallis in February, February 24, 2016

2015 Salem concert: video of perfomance June 25, 2015

2015 Salem Statesman-Journal June 21 Professional Musicians Come Home to Perform

2015 Gazette-Times June 19 Roses for Chintimini

2015 Gazette Times June 18 interview with Erik and Joan 

2005 Gazette-Times interview with Lara Wickes

2014 OPB Interview with Kenji Bunch

2014 Gazette-Times Interview with Erik Peterson

2014 Gazette-Times Interview with Karim Al-Zand

2014 NewMusic USA About Al-Zand’s Commissioned piece: “Canticle and Caprice”

2012 Entertainer Article #1: “Chintimini Chamber Music Starts its 12th Season”

2012 Entertainer Article #2: “Chintimini Chamber Music Festival: ‘Killer Shorts'”
.     The trio “Killer Shorts,” commissioned by the Chintimini Festival and later retitled by its Oregon composer as “Mood Sequence,” has won a national award, the Heckscher Prize, to be presented to the composer in Ithaca, New York, April 14, 2015. The recording submitted to the judges was of the Chintimini premiere, performed by Catherine Peterson, flute, Jason Duckles, cello, and Monica Ohuchi, piano.

2011 Entertainer Article: “A Feast of String Quartets”

2011 SUPERNOVA: “An Explosion of Music”

2011 Children’s Concerts: “Kids’ concert a harmonious get-together”

2010 Entertainer Article: “Chintimini Music Festival Celebrates 10 Years”