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Give the Festival a Future

How to Donate

Contributions may be made out to Chintimini Chamber Music and sent to:

Chintimini Chamber Music
3793 SW Fairhaven Drive
Corvallis, OR 97333

Donor Levels

  • Friend: $25 to 149
  • Patron: $150 – 249
  • Supporter: $250 – 499
  • Benefactor: $500 – 999
  • Sustainer: $1,000 – 4999
  • Impresario: $5000 and above

 Donors at these levels will receive invitations to the Soireé

Chintimini Chamber Music is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. Your contributions may be deducted in your tax filings.

It may be to your advantage to donate stock. If so, please contact treasurer William Wickes 541-760-3348 to discuss arrangements. Another contact is Joan Caldwell 541-753-2106, dcaldwell26[at]comcast.net

Speaking of taxes — if you live in Oregon, don’t forget the Oregon Cultural Trust! A gift to the Trust, to the extent it is matched by gifts to any Oregon cultural non-profits, entitles you to a 100% credit against your Oregon income tax. You can take this credit whether you itemize or not.

(If you itemize, your gift to the Trust is also deductible on Federal taxes. On Oregon taxes, when you take the full credit, you of course don’t also take it as a deduction.)


Future Chintmini musicians as “Twinklers” in 2009