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2016 • Kerry Turner • Catalonian Serenade, for two horns and bass quintet

Performers in premiere: Kristina Mascher-Turner, Kerry Turner (composer), Shin-Young Kwon, Katherine Winterstein, George Thomson, Anne Ridlington, Brian Johnson.

Notes by composer

2015 • Paul Robb • Bandoneon String quartet: violin, viola, cello, bass

First acoustic composition by this electronic composer (band Information Society, TV)
Performers in premiere: Erik Peterson, Phillip Stevens, Noah Seitz, Brian Johnson

2014 • Karim Al-Zand • Canticle and Caprice for violin, viola, cello

commissioned via a New Music USA project grant.
Performers in premiere: Jessica Lambert, Adam Matthes, Anne Ridlington

2013 • Kenji Bunch • Serenade for C flute (dbl. picc.), alto flute, violin, viola

commissioned via a national Chamber Music America grant
Performers in premiere: Cathy Peterson, Erik Peterson, Phillip Stevens

2012 • David Crumb • Killer Shorts; flute, cello, piano

renamed “Mood Sequence;” awarded national Heckscher Prize in Ithaca, NY, April 2015
Performers in premiere: Cathy Peterson, Jason Duckles, Monica Ohuchi
Also in 2015 it won the Portland (Maine) Chamber Music Festival’s
International Composers Competition

2011 • Tomas Svoboda • Post Scriptum String quartet Op. 202a

later extended by composer for orchestra
Performers in premiere: Erin Furbee, Erik Peterson, Phillip Stevens, Anne Ridlington

2010 • David Mullikin • Paul Bunyan: a Tall Tale with Music for Children; 2 violins, viola, cello, bass, narrator

narrated in 2010 by David Simmons, 2015 by David Ogden Stiers
Performers in premiere: Erik Peterson, Jessica Lambert, Michael Tubb, Noah Seitz, Robin Olschner. In 2015 there were two casts: (1) Erik Peterson, Katie McLin, Phillip Stevens, Noah Seitz, Brian Johnson; (2) Erik Peterson, Shin-Young Kwon, Adam Matthes, Anne Ridlington, Carl Egbert.

2010 • Kenji Bunch • Verso; Concerto for violin, viola, harpsichord, strings

Performers in premiere: Erik Peterson, Adam Matthes, Jennifer Peterson, orchestra

Performed again Feb 2/3, 2018 by Erik Peterson, Kenji Bunch, Newport Symphony Orchestra

2009 • Obo Addy • The Power of Humanism

“World music;” partly improvised in performance by the 2 drummers.
Performers in premiere: Obo Addy, Charles Armah, Erik Peterson, Erin Furbee, Kenji Bunch, Anne Ridlington, Robin Olschner, Alex Tutunov, Liz Freimuth, Betty Busch.

2008 • Jacob Avshalomov • Chintimini Turns

For flute, clarinet, and string quartet, later arranged by the composer for orchestra. Performers in premiere: Cathy Peterson, flute; Abby Raymond, clarinet; Erik Peterson, violin; Kenji Bunch, viola; Anne Ridlington, cello.

2005 • David Mullikin • The Gray Unsettled Light

Cycle of 8 songs based on bird poems of Corvallis poet Carol Ann Lantz, chosen by the composer in a blind competition from submissions by various Oregon poets.
Performers in premiere: Linda Larson, soprano, Erik Peterson violin, Adam Esbensen cello, Rachelle McCabe piano