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(A link to a video of excellent 2015 performances is at right. On a smartphone, scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.)


Erik Peterson, violin and Artistic DirectorFarmers Mkt 2011 for ET 2012

Robert Brudvig, percussion
Brian Johnson, bass
Linda Larson, soprano
Kristina Mascher-Turner, horn
Katherine McLin, violin
Anne Ridlington, cello
Noah Seitz, cello
Katherine Winterstein, violin
Victoria Wolff, cello

GUEST ARTISTS and COMPOSERSEP-KMcL tuned wineglasses in Crumb's Black Angels 2011

Jennifer Arnold, viola
Inés Voglar Belgique, violin
Joël Belgique, viola
Kenji Bunch
, viola and composer
Lily Burton, violin
Ami Campbell, violin
Andrew Campbell, piano
Ruby Chen, violin
Jenny Estrin, violin
Lynne Finch, violin
Erin Furbee, violin
Shin-Young Kwon, violin
Monica Ohuchi, piano
Catherine Peterson, flute
Holland Phillips, viola
Richard Poppino, baritone, actor, opera coach
Abby Raymond, clarinet
Phillip Stevens, viola
George Thomson, viola
Kerry Turner, horn and composer